Exotisme musical et Atlantique noir. Journée d’étude pluridisciplinaire du CRESPPA

Lundi 4 septembre 2017, 10h-17h Salle 159, 59-61 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris (métro Brochant ou Guy Môquet)

Participant•e•s :
Keivan Djavadzadeh (Cresppa-Labtop, Université Paris 8) – Anaïs Fléchet (Centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines, UVSQ / IUF) – Karim Hammou (Cresppa-CSU, CNRS) – Cecilia Pires (Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage, EHESS) – Olivier Roueff (Cresppa-CSU, CNRS) – Daniela Vieira (Fapesp Fellowship, Unicamp / Cresppa)

Journées organisée par Karim Hammou & Daniela Vieira


VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture – Call for Papers on « Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities »

Considering the relevance of audiovisual material as perhaps the biggest wave of data to come in the near future (Smith, 2013, IBM prospective study) its relatively modest position within the realm of Digital Humanities conferences is remarkable. The objective of this special issue for VIEW is to present current research in that field on a variety of epistemological, historiographical and technological issues that are specific for digital methods applied to audiovisual data. We strive to cover a great range of media and data types and of applications representing the various stages of the research process.

Call for paper.